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aerˇoˇbatˇics: n. Spectacular flying feats and maneuvers (Webster's Dictionary)

Experience the joy of watching the world revolve around you as you thrill to the sensations of aerobatic flight in the CAP-10C, one of the world's leading aerobatic aircraft. Feel the sensations of the Barnstormer's Loop, the Cuban Eight, Hammerhead Turn, Aileron Roll, Inverted Flight, and many more spectacular maneuvers over O'ahu's breathtaking North Shore. Regardless of your previous flight experience, you'll get to fly the amazing CAP-10C and even do some of the maneuvers yourself!-under the tutelage of our expert pilot, of course. Each flight is tailored to your specific abilities and desires to ensure maximum enjoyment and a most memorable experience.

Ride is approximately one hour and costs only $198.95 (including tax)